About Us

About Us

PACT is a leading consulting company with its origins in Sudan and engaged in providing customer-oriented training, need-based consulting, management, and advisory mentoring services in the areas of sustainable human development, economic growth, and good governance practices.

PACT Consultancy (Sudan) was established in 2005 by its founders who participated in the peace negotiations and co-authored the Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) reports. PACT founders realized that peace can only be sustained through development and hence responded to the great need for a professional national consulting firm, to plan and implement the development projects called for in the JAM reports.

PACT experts are intimately familiar with Sudan’s complex political and social issues as well as its unique development context.

PACT Consultancy (Uganda) spun off from PACT Consultancy (Sudan)and established in October 2018. In the period of existence, PACT Consultancy (Uganda) has registered meteoric development into one of the leading development consulting firms in Uganda, which is intimately familiar and experienced in the country’s development context.

PACT assists governments, private sector institutions, non-governmental organizations, and multilateral and bi-lateral agencies to develop and implement innovative and workable solutions to complex problems.

The Company’s clients include UNDP, World Bank, UN Women, IOM, INGOs, International Development Agencies, Central Bank of Sudan, DDR, and National and State Governments.

The PACT Consultancy Team on a project site

PACT’s team of multi-disciplinary experts work closely with clients to identify issues and opportunities, develop and execute plans and monitor and evaluate performances. No matter how intractable and daunting the challenges are –from policy analysis to strategic planning and on-site hands-on technical assistance, PACT strives to bridge the gap through the expertise and experience of its associates. Our associates have consistently earned recognition for performance, services, and practical solutions.

What makes PACT different is its ability to grasp the challenges of underdevelopment and its strategic oriented approach in identifying problems and forming innovative solutions.

PACT employs cutting edge technology and scientific management techniques has a wide-ranging network of partner agencies and access to a wealth of data.

Our associates have intimate knowledge of local communities, appreciation of operational cultures and extensive experience working with multi-lateral and bi-lateral organizations. Above all, PACT capitalizes on the skills and resources of the firm and its associates to bring valuable results to clients. We place emphasis on participatory methods and result-oriented activities.

Our Vision

To lead and economically contribute empowered to socially and communities and sustainable livelihoods.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide innovative development consulting and technical support services, sound policies and, capacity building to our clients in the public & private sectors and international development partners to empower people and transform communities.


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